Freedom-to-Operate Search

Also known as clearance search or right-to-use search, it examines the claims' language of third-party in-force patents and is typically conducted as due diligence to assess the risk of potential infringement.

We at Synoptic IP analyse and list down all the In-force patents, published applications and non-patent literature and, also the expired patents, patents expiring before the product launch and non-patent literatures (published before the priority date of patents of concern) are cited to support the "Freedom to Operate" study for client reference. Synoptic IP conducts a comprehensive analysis of all relevant patents, applications published and non-patent literature to defend the "Freedom-to-Operate" status of the technology in use with respect to all blocking patent claims.

Clients' Requirement:

Are you willing to purchase patents and/or obtain license, which are relevant to your product, so as to obtain freedom to operate rights in that jurisdiction?

Synoptic IP's Solution:

Synoptic IP helps you uncover all the relevant patents (In-Force), with the degree of relevance to the future product, along with the synoptic study explaining how the future product would map on the existing claim(s).

  • A list of relevant patents as well as a synoptic study of the results also helps in designing around your product in such way that it does not infringe on others patent as well as saves you from paying a huge licensing fees or the huge cost of purchasing a patent.
  • You can also go for invalidating a patent in question so that you gain freedom to operate in the specific jurisdiction.

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