About Us

Synoptic IP is a cohesive enterprise comprising of seasoned professionals who have diverse experience in the intellectual property services and solutions sector. Our team works with the simple objective of facilitating law firms and multi-national corporations protect and unlock the value of their patents.

  • Concise way of work
  • Synoptic IP believes in engaging in a clear and simple model of work, we begin our work with a broad spectrum of research and then proceed to focus on the required information as directed by the project, our final milestone involves widening the research in the targeted area through discussions and delivering the desired results. We keep our services simple and focus on leveraging global outsourcing and technology to deliver cost effective and high quality intellectual property services.

    While offering our services to investors, large corporations and start-ups we realized that the current IP services and solutions were not addressing the needs of organizations without deep patent expertise. We quickly understood that the IP industry requires custom service offerings that treats each customer uniquely and develops a solution model that is specific to their business objectives. Since then, we have made custom solutions our niche offering.

    Our services range from complete professional consultation packages to simply making our clients understand what they need before they begin developing a new product, identifying licensing priorities and understanding where the market is heading.

  • Our legacy
  • Over the years, Synoptic IP has repeatedly proven its capability in delivering customized research and support services in a cost effective manner without compromising on quality. Our clients globally value our dedication and commitment to deliver market insights that assist them in their decision making processes.

    At Synoptic IP we share a common view on the ethical and quality standards we adhere to and the values we are based on. This unified approach has been instrumental in delivering high quality services to demanding clients around the world.

  • Ethical Responsibility
  • Since its inception, Synoptic IP has put client confidentiality and privacy at the foremost and has stringent data security and confidentiality policies in place. With well-defined project management and people management procedures, we ensure that your project is handled with sensitivity and highest level of security.

    Our strength and success lies with our team of experts and we go out of our way to treat with them respect, camaraderie and professionalism. A positive and encouraging work environment directly translates to a better success ratio.