State-of-the-Art/ Landscape Analysis

SIP conducts Patent Mapping or IP Mapping of the major players in your field of invention to determine the threats and opportunities in the IP Landscape. We can help you identify the emerging technology strategies of your competitors and give you the chance to make an appropriate strategic response. SIP team of research associates performs rigorous data mining, data analysis and data visualization that helps clients identifies the competition and technology trends in the field of invention.

SIP landscape report answers the following queries of a client:

1. Which companies own patents, trademarks & designs in your area?

2. Who owns the most patents, trademarks & designs?

3. Where have they been active recently?

4. What strategy can we infer from this activity?

5. What new players are emerging?

6. Where do you have IP leverage?

7. Where do you have IP exposures?

8. What is the history of technological evolution in your area?

9. Which patents represent fundamental discoveries?

10. Which patents are merely incremental improvements?

11. Who are the key inventor teams?

12. Which inventions are now in the public domain?

13. Which markets can we enter?

14. Which markets should we avoid?

15. Where should we invest our scarce R&D resources?

16. Which companies could help protect and complement our IP?

17. Which companies wouldn't enhance our IP portfolio?