Why Synoptic IP?

  • No bulky reports; focus on research findings and conclusions
  • We understand that core requirements of a client is research findings and conclusions and, not the bulky reports. We focus our research only on the search findings and communicating those results to the clients in a highly simplified presentable and comprehendible format, which contains a detailed explanation of search results and strategies used to conduct the search.

  • Direct access to technical expert in your domain
  • We believe in one point of contact with the client from the project initiation phase till its completion. On receiving a project from the client, a domain expert is staffed for that project who takes up all the responsibilities and consistently strive to provide the highest standards of quality assurance to them. Expert, after conducting a thorough study of subject matter, shares his understanding with the client and takes an approval over the assignment. After conducting a comprehensive research, expert communicates the research findings and conclusions to client over a phone call.

  • Highly cost-effective
  • We have a unique flat-fee model to cater to the client’s budget. Our cost for Patent research is highly balanced, so as to provide highest quality research (as we invest more time in research than the industry norm) and do not compromise on the quality due to the cost. Also, because of the experienced man-power, we have been able to the reduce the cost of the research to a great extent.

  • High client return rate