Patent Drafting

Synoptic IP has a rich experience of drafting provisional as well as full utility and design patent applications as per the defined statutory requirements of the patent office. We can also help clients in drafting only specific sections of the patent application like description, background, claims, etc.

We understand writing a good patent application requires a thorough understanding of invention. Hence we prefer spending a good amount of time with the client over a phone call or in-person to understand the invention. We consider background research as an important part of patent drafting; we use a patentability search report prepared by our specialized team as reference to understand the background technologies and try to relate them with solution our client has prepared.

Since claims are the most important part of a patent application which describes the scope and boundaries of patent protection. It is important to make sure that each claim is complete in nature and describe enough elements of invention along with the inventive step in a proper context. The art of writing claims lies in the understanding of inventive step along with the prior arts, which enables one to write the broadest possible claim. We have a fixed price model for Patent drafting assignments.