Patent Invalidity Search

Synoptic IP conducts a comprehensive patent invalidity search, by examining the most diminutive details within the scope of a claim that could be used to invalidate a patent. We believe that the success of an patent invalidity search relies on the queries created from a patent application by the patent examiner. We at SIP systematically evaluate and analyse the queries raised by the patent examiner during the prosecution of a patent application, by conducting a thorough analysis of the prosecution history at initial stages of an Invalidation search. The in-depth analysis of the file-wrapper, provides a clear-cut idea of novelty within the patent.

With our systematic and insightful approach, we have been able to find out the most relevant prior arts for the most complex inventions in the field of Semiconductors, Electronics, Electrical, IT, Computers, Mechanical, Automobiles and Robotics, Life Sciences and pharmaceuticals.

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