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Domain expertise

  • Semiconductors
  • Synoptic IP have executed more than a 100 projects related to semiconductor, most of them being patent applications related to TSV (Through silicon vias), memories, FPGAs, analog and digital ASICs, A2D converters, testing methods and fabrication/packaging processes. We have also conducted complex landscape analyses focussing on Nanotubes, Quantum Dots, eWLB Packaging (Embedded Wafer Level Ball Grid Array), RCP (Redistributed Chip Package), Power Modulators etc. SIP have a vast experience of conducting Freedom to operate study in the field of Semiconductors.

  • Electronics and Electrical Engineering
  • Our core expertise lies in Electronics and Electrical domain. Synoptic IP has successfully completed various projects in the field of electronics and electrical, team has been able to find out the most relevant prior arts for the most complex inventions related to the electronics domain, like turbo decoder, speech decoding device and method, ECC (error correction memory), method for testing the response signal timing of a memory under test, etc.

  • Mechanical and Automobile
  • We have conducted Patentability and Invalidity searches in various domains including Access Platforms, Deformation Sensors, Rolling Equipment, Travel Gears, Drilling Sensors, Wellbore Fluids, Electrical Switches, Vortex Mixers, Metal Extraction Residues, Thermal Bridges, Wheelchair Restraints, Fuel Filters, Vehicle Actuators, Brake Disks, Drill Tubes etc. We have also conducted numerous Freedom-to-operate searches in clutch/gear actuation, gearshift, seating, climate-control, headrests, armrests and transmission systems domain. Team has a rich experience of drafting provisional, non-provisional as well as office action response. The experts in mechanical team has a mixed experience of working in the R&D of the core industry as well as in the IPR firms based in India.

  • Life Sciences
  • Synoptic IP has a huge experiance of conducting prior art searches, Landscape analysis, Clearance searches in the field of Chemistry, Pharmaceuticals and Life sciences. We have various projects related to Recombinant DNA Technology, Biopharmaceuticals, Immunology, Plant Tissue Culture, Bioprocesses, Nanobiotechnology, Bioinformatics, Microbiology, Genomics etc.

  • Communication Engineering
  • Synoptic IP has a strong experience of working in telecommunications domain. We have conducted Patentability as well as Invalidity searches including, RF communication technology, invention based on ad-hoc technology, zigbee technology. We have also conducted state-of-the-Art search related to "power distribution grid for transmitting messages ". We have a team of Communication engineers hailing from meritorious academic backgrounds.

  • Computers and IT
  • Our computers and IT team have an experience of preparing more than 50 claim charts in the domain of Database Management System (DBMS), Data recovery, dynamic resource of a virtual server, data de-duplication, data warehousing, Data Virtualization, Data Integration, Data Federation and cloud based data archiving system. Team has conducted numerous Patentability as well as Invalidity search projects including cloud computing operating system, Virtual devices and virtual bus tunnels (methods), web-based asset management system, Cloud resource usage in data forwarding storage, Content query system etc.

  • Robotics
  • Our research associates have a solid domain knowledge in the field of robotics and, also keep themselves constantly updated with the cutting edge robotics technologies. Although we have concluded projects in the robotics domain, they are limited in number and highly confidential. Team has condcted various advisory projects for US and Europe based clients in the robotics domain.