Value Propositions

  • Team
  • Synoptic IP brings you a team of dedicated technical experts hailing from the meritorious academic backgrounds, committed to provide a diverse range of patent research services.

      - Synoptic IP team has successfully completed nearly 120 Projects in the domain of Electronics, Electrical, Telecommunication, IT, Computers, Mechanical, Automobile, Material Science, Robotics etc.

      - Synoptic IP professionals are PhDs, Masters, Bachelors and Engineers with prior experience of working in R&D departments of leading multinationals as well as IP Research Firms in India.

  • Quality
  • - Attention to detail in every element of client interaction

    - Attention to detail in every element of the project.

    - Disciplined project management and communication.

    - Well-structured and well defined processes for handling the projects.

    - Accurate, comprehensive and insightful analysis.

    - Extensive research infrastructure

  • Satisfaction from job
  • Synoptic IP values its team as much as it values its clients, we believe in keeping our workforce well trained and motivated to take up any new challenge. Apart from the periodic reviews and proactively recommend trainings and development activities to help our experts deliver their best, the team is suitably rewarded for each client's positive feedback and awarded monthly on the basis of client-return ratio.

  • Commitment to firm
  • Synoptic IP team's commitment to firm is evident by its 100% employee retention rate till date.